Pistole - Master I

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Technical specifications
Maximum Output 1:1: 18 kg/min
Minimum Output 1:1: 1,5 kg/min
Maximum Pressure Rating: 210 kgf/cm2 (20,6 MPa)
Air Supply: 6-8 kgf/cm2 (0,6-0,8 MPa)
Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 19 cm x 10 cm x 19 cm

Features and characteristics

MASTER I Air Purge Spray Gun has been target designed and manufactured to reduce operator effort and facilitate application control. With this aim, a new ergonomic gun handle has been developed and placed at the center of balance to equalize weight distribution and provide enhanced stability during the application. All models include a tool kit with the necessary tools for proper adjustment and maintenance of the gun

  • Long lasting mixing chambers, manufactured in two welded pieces of different material and hardness that offer the flexibility to avoid early breaking due to fragility.
  • Interchangeable metal or Teflon side seals that can be selected for use depending on the application requirements without having to change costly parts.
  • External greasing system that allows lubrication of the parts that are in contact with the products without having to disassemble the gun, thus facilitating and improving the maintenance at the end of each job.
  • Double inlet filters virtually eliminate impurities inside the mixing chamber.
  • Manual safety valves prevent the injection of the material by accidental triggering.